You Had Me at Hello – Parenting with Love & Limits Family Engagement Techniques
PIONEER ROOM | 6th Floor
1.5 CEUs approved by NASW
Session B
Tuesday, October 18, 2022
3:45 PM - 5:15 PM (MDT)

Building on a structural-strategic framework, this presentation provides an overview of the Parenting with Love and Limits (PLL) family systems approach to treatment that was initially developed using field research.

Using a five=question script based on Motivational Interviewing, participants learn the PLL techniques of “stick and move” and “closing statements” to engage families.

Using these techniques, parents and children will experience what is called a “soft start-up” and enter trauma treatment with higher show rates and greater readiness to change.

Research demonstrates active parental participation is the missing link to preventing high-risk youth from out-of-home placement or relapsing once they transition home. The Parenting with Love and Limits family systems approach conceptualizes symptoms in terms of family interactions, prioritizing family relationships rather than the individual as the primary site of intervention. The approach starts from the first interaction with the parents and youth. PLL has an 80% successful family engagement rate and an 83% completion rate using these proven techniques.

Teaching methods include video case study excerpts and volunteers in demonstration role-plays.

Scott Sells Rashmi Maharaj Alison Blodgett

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