Dr. Jennifer Cook
Full Circle Health, Family Medicine Residency of Idaho - Boise
Dr. Jennifer Cook grew up in Boise, Idaho, and then moved east for schooling, attending Johns Hopkins University for an undergraduate degree and Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina for medical school. After a quick consideration of going into orthopedics, she regained her senses and matched into the Family Medicine Residency at Phoenix Baptist Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, where she served as chief resident from 2003-04. She then moved closer to home, completing an OB Fellowship at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, Washington. After joining the faculty at Swedish Family Medicine, Cherry Hill for a short time, she headed down to New Zealand where she practiced as a general practitioner in a nationalized health care system, traveled as much of the sheep-laden countryside as possible and picked up a wonderful kiwi souvenir, her husband Jason.

After three years, she decided it was time to come home to Boise, Idaho, and joined Full Circle Health in January 2009. Her curricular area of interest is the obstetrics experience, inclusive of directing the OB Fellowship. She moved into the associate program director role in February 2017, assisting Dr. Abby Davids and Dr. Justin Glass for overseeing the educational experience as a whole for the residency. During her free time, she enjoys going to the park with her three kids, political disputes with her husband, aerobic exhaustion of many varieties and knitting anything possible.
Jennifer Cook