Comprehensive Care for Newly Arrived Americans
MOVE ROOM | 5th Floor
1.5 CEUs approved by NASW
Session A
Tuesday, October 18, 2022
3:45 PM - 5:15 PM (MDT)

We will be discussing general care and lessons learned from working with individuals who arrive to Idaho with refugee status. Topics will include:

  • Background/importance of language and word choice/stories and expectation setting (we are bringing this from our experiences, others may have different experiences)
  • “Resettlement 101” – how the process works, what it means to be designated legally as a refugee, how we interface with immigration, what is domestic screening, how does that transition to primary care and mental health care
  • Mental health screening process for this population
  • Manifestations and effects of chronic trauma
  • Care coordination tips/tricks/successes/challenges
  • Working with interpreters (linguistically and culturally)
  • Common medical conditions we see and treat
  • Importance of trauma informed approach
  • Common pitfalls/challenges and ways to try to stay culturally humble
  • The uniqueness of the social determinants of health in patients/clients with refugee status
  • Importance of an individualized action plan that directs patients to a level of self-sufficiency in seeking physical/mental care
Abby Davids Hannah Habineza

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