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Robin Matson
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Robin Matson is a 17 year old non-binary lesbian living in Boise, Idaho. They are a student in eleventh grade and was raised primarily in an unaccepting religious household. They moved to Idaho last year and has been surprised with how accepting Boise has been. Up to age eleven, Robin lived in a small rural town near Durango, Colorado. They always knew they were queer, but it wasn’t until 2019 that they realized the labels that’s accurately described their gender identity and sexual orientation. I’m a lesbian (because of the intolerant background of my family). Robin hopes to educate others on LGBTQ+ history, and teach them about our strength and sense community. They want everyone to be able to live their truth and be able to be themselves to their fullest extent, because there’s nothing more freeing than that.
They, Them, Theirs
Robin Matson