Full Name
Sara Omundson
Job Title
Administrative Director of the Courts
Idaho Supreme Court
Speaker Bio
Raised in Boise, Idaho, Sara Omundson majored in Criminal Justice Administration, and received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Boise State University in 1994. A year later, she entered the University of Idaho College of Law, graduating cum laude with a Juris Doctor degree in 1998. In school, Ms. Omundson focused on legal writing and appellate practice, serving as the Executive Editor of the Law Review and making her first appellate argument in front of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Subsequently, she was honored to serve a clerkship with the Honorable Alan Schwartzman of the Idaho Court of Appeals.

In 1999, Ms. Omundson joined the Idaho State Appellate Public Defender’s office as a deputy, handling felony and post-conviction appeals. Three years later, she became the Chief of the SAPD’s Appellate Unit, managing attorneys and support staff while also representing people in the Idaho Supreme Court and the Idaho Court of Appeals. In January of 2012, Governor Otter appointed Ms. Omundson as Idaho’s State Appellate Public Defender. She was additionally appointed as Chair of the Governor’s Idaho Criminal Justice Commission in June of 2013, and as a member of the newly formed State Public Defense Commission in 2014. In July of 2016, the Idaho Supreme Court appointed Ms. Omundson as Idaho’s Administrative Director of Courts.

When not working to support the Idaho judiciary and improve Idaho’s justice system, Ms. Omundson enjoys the benefits of living in the state by hiding out in its beautiful mountain ranges and attempting to catch a fish.
Sara Omundson