Full Name
Shadi Ismail
Speaker Bio
"My name is Shadi. I was a Syrian refugee. Born in the small village of Quordaha to a mixed family. My mother was Christian and my father and step mother who raised me were both a different type of Muslim. I grew up in a culture that didn’t except my homosexuality, I run away from my small town to bigger City Damascus. After the military I escaped to Jordan in the hopes of living my truth and my freedom. There I started the 3 year process to be accepted as a refugee to the USA.  After being brutally beat up by three men because of my sexuality I spoke with my case workers and within a month I made it to Boise. Here my heart has opened a new. I found my family here and have been able to be myself I learn English from the people with out school and I was able to share my story on bigger screens Apple TV. My dream to become inspirational speaker to sure the people when you be your self you can make it too. Coming here has opened so many doors. And that is what I want for everyone."