Analyze the Health of Your Business: Small Business Growth Strategies AND Cybersecurity Basics for Your Business
Track B
Wednesday, April 14, 2021
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM (MDT)
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As an established small business, you are continuingly looking towards the growth of your business. Is your small business prepared to succeed at the next level? To increase sales, revenue and profit, you’ll need to have certain elements in place. Find out what steps can help ensure your business has what it takes. AND as technology evolves, so does the threat of a breach or a hack impacting your operation.  Experts are seeing a trend in hackers focusing their efforts on small to medium-sized businesses because their security systems are easier to penetrate. Personal employee and customer information is at risk.  Do your systems have enough protection? Where do you begin to lower your risk of a data breach?  This session will highlight the importance of cybersecurity and offer suggestions on how you can protect your small business.  For example, training employees on how to avoid cyberattacks, putting processes in place for remote workers, defining a business email compromise, and other related topics.

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Irene Gonzalez

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