Jim Meldrum
He, Him, His
Clinical Quality Analyst Senior
Optum of Idaho
Jim is a certified alcohol and drug counselor (CADC). Jim’s passion draws to developing, improving and establishing good practices for individuals whose substance use has resulted in significant legal consequences. Over the last 20 plus years, he has worked in the provider network as a treatment supervisor, facilitated groups for aftercare and was part of the initial 19-2524 code (substance use assessment and treatment related) implementation. In 2020, Jim, as part of a proactive team, quickly established a statewide system for both Telebehavioral health groups and also assessment practices. His investment in assuring clients’ were not left on their own to navigate such a dramatic experience continued to push Idaho Department of Correction in telebehavioral health utilization.

A common statement you will hear from Jim is: “this isn’t about us, you, or me and our comfort zones, this is about improving, adapting, problem solving, and most importantly, about care and concern for others. It’s also about showing and modeling our ability to handle stressful situations and when life will throw you a curve ball.” In addition, Jim has been an advocate for his fellow counselors because he encourages all counselors to learn about substance use disorder symptoms and care, as it can sometimes be the most important focal point in a person’s treatment. . His phrase “SUD informed care” raises awareness for all to see the critical role in treatment.
Jim Meldrum