The Power of Cultural Humility (Virtual)
1.0 CEUs approved by NASW
Session B
Tuesday, October 18, 2022
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM (MDT)

Culture is a powerful determinant of health. The lack of knowledge and sensitivity to health beliefs and practices of different cultures can limit the ability to provide quality care. An important skill is making sure we do our best to understand what it might feel like being in that person’s shoes. Cultural Humility is:

  • An ongoing process of self-exploration and self-critique
  • An openness and willingness to learn from others
  • Entering a relationship with people with the intention of honoring their beliefs, customs and values
  • Acknowledging differences and accepting people for who they are
  • A lifelong process of intentional self-reflection and self-critique
  • Addressing the power dynamics between provider and client
  • Developing mutually beneficial partnerships between communities and defined populations
  • Advocating and maintaining institutional accountability. 

In this training participants will be focused on the benefit of using the philosophy of cultural humility to build positive relationships with clients, coworkers and community. In addition, this session will help professionals in the health care field:

  • Use cultural humility as a philosophy to help understand and increase awareness and critical self-reflection
  • Learn ways to improve awareness of intersectionality when providing care and support for diverse cultures
  • Tailor care that is effective and appreciable for their clients’ needs
  • Identify how to improve the delivery of care when serving diverse populations.  
Sharon Jones

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