Peer Support Improves Clinical Outcomes- Engagement to Activation
MOVE ROOM | 5th Floor
1.5 CEUs for Bachelor’s level only
Session C
Tuesday, October 18, 2022
10:45 AM - 12:15 PM (MDT)

Peer support services provide vital and important resources across the continuum of health care. This includes specialized services to help individuals in a behavioral health crisis, support and assistance facilitating their transitions across levels of care and promoting ongoing community support to foster recovery and improve community tenure. 

As health care becomes better informed about the impact of untreated behavioral health needs of individuals, there is an increased understanding of the benefits of peer support services. Optum has recognized that engagement and activation are key elements of the services provided by peer support specialists. These two terms are often used synonymously, but they are two different aspects of a continuum of health and wellbeing management. Engagement is the process by which an individual and a health care system are able to establish the connections that link health, illness and well-being to a system of care. Activation occurs as an individual becomes empowered to improve and sustain their own health and wellness. 

Peers use their own lives as examples of hope. They provide a wide array of services and connect individuals to community and system resources. Peers, through their caring, empathy and practical support, activate individuals to engage and remain in services that foster recovery. Optum has committed to the key role of peer support services in behavioral health recovery and provides these resources across the service spectrum. 

Julie Hardle Tyson Hawkins

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